Switzerland: 6 days exploration - Enrico Baroni

Switzerland: 6 days winter exploration

Just few days before Christmas, I finally decided to listen to the Swiss call and booked a bus ticket Rome-Bellinzona for the next day.

The aim was to explore a country already blessed by high-rate tourism, but under a different point-of-view. The idillic green meadows and wooden cottages are covered in a thick 2 meters layer of snow and many attractions and hikes are closed, but what a beauty to the eyes!

For a winter lover is the dream witnessing such views. The cold is a silent ruler of this country in that period, but thanks to the amazing services throughout the country you can only enjoy the best about it.

It's expensive? yes, especially the train transports (I spent 300€ for 4 travel days), but hearing the crackle of snow under the boots while walking beneath gigantic mountains or inside utopic little villages made it all worth and more. 

     DAY 1: Arrival at Bellinzona, transport to Locarno and deep visit of the                       Val Verzasca. Night in Locarno.

     DAY 2: Visit of the near Valle Maggia and trasport to Bellwald. Night in                         Niederwald

     DAY 3: Visit of the Landschaftspark Binntal with the suspended bridge                       and the towns of Bellwald, Fiesch and Niederwald. Transport to                         Lauterbrunnen. Night in Lauterbrunnen

     DAY 4: Visit of the town and hike of the 7 waterfalls in the valley.                                    Transport to Tasch. Night in Tasch.

     DAY 5: Visit of Zermatt and winter hike up to the Sunnegga. Then back                        from Ried to Zermatt. Night in Tasch.

     DAY 6: Exploration of the neighboroods of Tasch. Transport to                                          Bellinzona. Visit of Bellinzona before taking the bus back to                               Rome.

Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland

Lauterbrunnen, Bernese Oberland

First region I've visited is Ticino.

Well, many will already know it thanks the the hugely famous Val Verzasca and its unique village Lavertezzo. Although is a region that can charm the visitor for many more reasons.

Transportation is free once you get to a hotel, that will provide you with a ticket valid for trains, boats and busses.