Lanscape\outdoor photography essentials: a complete affordable guide

Welcome and cheers for reaching out this page. If you are here you must be intrigued by being out there in the elements, connected with the earth and our wild self. This is why I believe we have a huge factor in common.

From this step-by-step course you could get access to juicy informations about the essentials of the photographic theory and techniques. The focus will be on the outdoor\landscape\travel niche, but all the basic knowledge applies for every genre you'll pick. 

It's all divided in single chapters, for each a  PDF, so that you can purchase exactly what you need if you already made part of your homeworks. Three of the main chapters are meant to be 100% free to download.

Note that sadly I'm not doing this full time, so I will release each chapter with slow pace. You could either purchase them singularly or wait that all of them are released to buy the full bundle at a more convenient price.

What motivated me

Starting from absolute 0 in photography can be frustrating, especially when you daily see mind-blowing photos taken by famous and influencing photographers.

You have a thick wall ahead made of all the needed knowledge and you can't distinguish any single brick. You must be determined in breaking the damn wall down in pieces and never settle until you feel confident with your skills, but not even then.

This exact situation made me start a crazy daily web-digging about everything I thought would've been useful on the field.

It's something you could also do for sure, but it's a long years-wide journey disentangling all the knots with no direction signs, especially since you don't know what you will really need and what you don't for your purpose: I've bought many tools that I have never used cause somewhere was written it was a must, I've wasted a gigantic amount of time on some theoretical aspects I could have spared. 

So the first bullet you'll avoid in grabbing your seat to this course is skipping the whole bunch of dead-weight informations, thus the first keyword is essential, as expected. 

The second bullet relates to another issue: too often professionals are reluctant in providing informations to aspiring photographers, even when (highly) payed for it some hide on purpose crucial informations. It happened to me so often that I cannot count, finishing to read an article without having fully understood the topic.

This upsets me a lot, this is why I cared in filling each chapter with all that I think it's pivotal to undersand the subject. We can set pregnant as second keyword.

Moreover usually the prices for these courses are darn high, they would let you buy another lens or a trans-oceanic plane ticket, this is not the case: affordable is the last keyword. You can't expect someone facing photography for the first time to be able to blindly invest so much.

Over all of this it's, in the end, a sincere dedication to photography that drove me writing down for you all the stuff I've learnt in my path.

>> Get in touch for requesting any additional chapter or for addressing any issue/question about the discussed topics or the download process.

Who's this course for?

It's designed to address every need of people approaching photography for the first time. Although it gets very deep into all the main topics, suiting also advanced photographers that want to refine their knowledge about broadly known theory. 

Program and prices

Full PDFs (22) package: total price €37,81; bundle price €27,99   [available when all uploads will end]

Smaller PDFs packages (5, 10, 15)will be available after uploading enough content


Chapter 1 - Different typologies of digital cameras and internal structure   [to be released]  ->  € 2.49

Chapter 2 -  Different typologies of lenses and internal structure  [to be released]  ->  € 2.49

Chapter 3 - Accessories in depth: tripods, filters and much more  [to be released]  ->  € 1.99

Chapter 4 - Dress for the environment and for the elements: seasons essentials  [to be released -> free download

  Theoretical concepts, on-field applications and extra content

Chapter 5  - RAW and JPEG: differences and applications [to be released]  -> € 1.99

Chapter 6 -  Image characteristics (aspect ratio, resolution, etc.) + web/print release [to be released]  -> € 2.19

Chapter 7 - Enhance the composition of your photos[to be released]  -> € 2.49

Chapter 8 - Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure concept  [to be released]  ->  € 2.99

Chapter 9 - Light metering and histogram: nail the exposure in any light condition (HDR, exposure fusion or trade-off)   [to be released]  ->  € 2.99

Chapter 10 - Manual and auto focus   [to be released]  ->  € 2.49

Chapter 11  - Depth of field and hyperfocal distance  [RELEASED | 21/05/2018]  ->  free download  HERE

Chapter 12 - All about "colour" in photography   [to be released]  ->  € 2.49

Chapter 13 Colour temperature and white balance: theory and light-shift [RELEASED | 20/08/2018]  ->  free download  HERE

Chapter 14 - Blue Hour, golden hour and other shooting phases    [to be released]  ->  € 1.99

Chapter 15 - Panoramic shots (multiple photos stitching) [to be released]  -> € 0.99

Chapter 16 - Proper organization of photos on your PC: tips and tools   [to be released]  -> € 1.69

Chapter 17 The creative process behind an image  [to be released]  -> € 1.99

Chapter 18 -  Expressing the adventure life through photos [to be released]  -> € 1.19

Chapter 19 - Create a winning digital and physical portfolio [to be released]  -> € 1.49

Chapter 20 -  Out of the box travel planning: web scavenging to arrive prepared[to be released]  -> € 1.29

Chapter 21 - Let your content be "heard" on instagram: some good everyday approach [to be released]  -> € 1.19

Chapter 22 - Getting collaborations on instagram [to be released]  -> € 1.39

Note: please let me know if you downloaded any of the free content! Would love to hear from you. You can hit me up through the contact form, send an email at or through DM on instagram. Thanks for your cooperation!