Slovakia - April 2018   

When I say that I absolutely love to discover places not known by the mass tourism, I truly mean it. The purpose is making people conscious of the potentiality of locations which usually aren't on anyone's bucket list. Slovakia, as an example, has a lot to offer and yet nobody talks about it. 

This is why along with another photographer and friend, Michele (instagram: @stepoutmiki), we pursued an exploration of many of the astonishing national parks of this country. 

On my instagram or HERE you can discover more about Slovakia through photos.


"Undiscovered" - the project of a lifetime

This project is the one that has been pushing from the inside since ever. I've always been thrilled by discovering corners that many ignore, but are just as beautiful. Often I woke up 2 hours earlier to have breakfast in an eccentric bar on the other side of Rome, before heading to the college class, or just delayed to the next train back to stroll around some alleys and randomly entering interesting museums.

Growing up in life and in photography this ideal cemented into a living layout set in motion in 2018. The crafted idea is simple: there are thousands of National parks, charming towns, reserves, islands and, in general, touristical areas that suffer the shadowing of  their world-wide famous counterparts. On instagram, as an example, 80% of creators go purposely on locations that are crazily pumped by huge pages, enhancing even more their exposure. Bali, Germany, the Dolomites, Faroe Islands, Banff, Yellowstone are just few elements of the social media golden circle. Obviously these places are famous for a reason, but it baffles me to see always the same spots in photos around the web. This trend-chase somehow deadens the curiosity to discover countries and parks that are outside the beaten tracks.

In collaboration with other creators that will decide to join my crusade, local tourism boards and touristic structures, I will try to bring more attention on the undiscovered beauty.

If you are a photographer, videomaker or  content creator and want to dive into this project with me, reach me out through the contact form or DM me on instagram.

Slovakia photo-gallery, first stop of Undiscovered: here


England and Wales - spring 2021

Chasing the Undiscovered leitmotiv, a month itinerary though the quaintest towns and wildest national parks in England and Wales has been crafted. Starting from the rugged Cornwall coastiline, I will head up to the Lake District and Peak District national parks after several pit-stops in other areas. Snowdonia, Brecon Beacons, The Cotswolds, Malvern Hills, Yorkshire Dales and the prettiest towns in between are just few examples. Doing so in an old rented van will be the cherry on the top!

From Newport (RI) to Newfoundland and Labrador - period not announced

A 5 weeks road trip that will cover the states of: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine [USA], New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, St Pierre and Miquelon and finally Labrador [CANADA]. All areas that are pretty much unknown throughout the social media. In fact, this trip will be the head of the Undiscovered project, with the sole objective to turn some lights on for underrated National parks and touristical areas.

Madeira - period not announced

Madeira is a Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, and I can't wait to impress on the sensor every vibe of it. Madeira is only 741 km^2 , but it's a microcosm of things to explore: from the mountain hikes to unique UNESCO villages, local food (way different than ours) and Hawaian crystal clear waters, all of this in always spring-like temperatures.It's great to have the chance of compressing all of this into a single travel, hence the choice of this unusual destination.


What's better than beautiful alpine lakes surrounded by astonishing rockies? If you want to find such enviroment in Italy mostly you have to head north, in the Dolomites. That's where I intend to go to breathe some fresh mountain air and fill an entire hard drive of photos. UPDATE December 2019: I've actually moved to live in this area! How cool is that?

Iceland - period not announced

I've already been in Iceland, but with a useless camera and for a (too) short time. Although it has been enough to make me deeply connect with this nordic land. Everytime I think of Iceland something just snaps inside my head, I sense such a strong bond with it. For all these reasons it can't be out of my travel list.

Sweden - period not announced

During my daily scavenging for beautiful unspoiled locations I've stumbled upon Sweden. From the rocky coastline in the south-west dotted with wooden red cottages, the thousands lakes in the inland and the countless mountain trails in the north, there is plenty to do.

The itinerary in particular starts from the Bohuslän Coast and Kosterhavets National Park, near Götheborg, then heads north-east, passing through several hinterland stops, reaching the Bothnian Coast, a part of which is listed in the UNESCO world heritage. Afterwards, it's a long way to the Swedish Lappland in the far north. Choosing summer as period all the trails will be open, allowing to experience the best out of National Parks such as Abisko and Sarek, but going during winter would allow to make unforgettable experiences, like dog sled and snowbike rides in the frozen dreamy woods.