Q.   What is a Lightroom Preset?

A preset is a pre-defined configuration of settings, designed to give a certain visual look or style to your photo. With only one click on a preset, the entire photo is altered in terms of light, coloring and general look. In Lightroom specifically, a preset modifies the position of some (or all) the editing sliders in such a way to achieve the desired appeal. 

Q.   Why should I use presets?

Simple, fast, consistent.

Your time is valuable: using presets will save you an incredible amount of time that you could address somewhere else. Generally, editing a photo from scratch takes from 5 to 30 minutes, but you have to multiply that time for the total number of photos you want to edit: the whole process could take hours or days of hard work. With presets, you are just one click away from suiting your photos with beautiful, professional-looking styles. Worst and rare case scenario, you will only have to do minor adjustments after applying the preset, resulting in 1 minute top for an edit. 

Visual consistency: once you find or create presets that resonate with your personal style, you're all set to apply them repeatedly on your photos and adjust where is needed. It is crucial for a photographer to build in time a unique style, making his photos shout it out in terms of composition and subject. Although, the edit it's the cherry on top to make people instantly recognize your work. Also, presets are the secret behind those beautiful, pleasant-looking  Instagram feeds with very specific and consistent tonal-contrast patterns.

Keep it simple: presets make the whole editing process faster and easier. You can use them to not think at a single thing in the world, exporting the photos right away, or as a base to add your final touch afterwards. 

Batch-editing: Imagine you have to edit 300 photos from your recent mountain hiking trip. Editing each photo individually is very time-consuming, and you risk to lack theme consistency and get photos that won't coexist nicely together. By adding a preset to the whole gallery, you can get most of the job done with just a few clicks. The preset may not fit perfectly every single one of the 300 photos, but having to do small exposure-saturation adjustments on some of the photos, rather than performing individual edits, will save you a lot of hours in front of your laptop.

Q.  What kind of visual styles can I achieve by purchasing the Landscape Creative Collection?

In the package you'll find presets for all tastes. If you're after natural looking photos, the HDR series brings out all the details without twisting the colors. If your goal is to achieve that faded-dreamy look that's really on trend on Instagram, you'll find many presets that work wonderfully, like the MoodMaster series, Forest Creek andMidday-Moodifier. You couldn't visit a location during fall foliage and you're still having regrets about it? Warm Touch and Autumn Scent are here for you: they equip the greenery with warm, autumnal hues. The list goes on, these presets cover the majority of light situations, seasons and color patterns, as you can see from the before / after examples above. 

Q.   Do I have to be a Lightroom expert or a professional photographer to use the presets?

No, the presets target both the amateurs and the professionals. Beginners can make use of the presets to already achieve professional-looking edits, even without knowing all the secrets behind. Though, they can always reverse-engineer each preset to understand how the Lightroom sliders can affect a photo, learning to edit themselves. Professionals, on the other hand, can exploit the presets to massively enhance the processing speed, or investigate new styles. 

Q.   Are the presets compatible also with Lightroom Mobile?

Yes, and you can find the installation guide here, for Lightroom CC, Classic and Lightroom Mobile.

Q.   Each preset will work on every possible kind of photo?

A preset is usually designed for specific light conditions and color patterns. For example, a preset built for forest shots will hardly give good results on a sunset or a tropical photo, due to the completely different light and color palette. This is why I've included all these presets, each thought for a different light condition and yielding a different creative result. For every photo that you will edit, I recommend to try each preset of the collection and see what comes out: you'll quickly understand when it's best to use one rather than the other. 

Q.   After applying a preset the photo results too bright / dark / saturated / desaturated / with a strong color cast, what do I do? 

It can happen, depends on the brightness and coloring of the source photo, but no worries.

Along with the 22 main presets and their 12 variations, you will find in the pack 35 instant preset adjustments. After you apply the main preset, in the case that your photo turns out too underexposed, easy, just apply the preset adjustment @Underexposed, @Shadow Boost or both. Conversely, if it turns out too bright, go with @Sky Patrol or @Highlights Crush. Too saturated or flat? Drop in @De-saturate or @Saturate and it's solved. A strong magenta color cast appeared? @Remove Color Cast - Magenta will sweep it away. Every adjustment has 3-4 different intensities available. See next section for detailed explanations. 

TIP: In alternative, you can always play with the sliders of the "Basic" panel, under the "Develop" tab, such as Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Blacks, Whites, Highlights, Temperature, Tint, Vibrance and Saturation, adjusting them to make some final adjustments after the preset. 

Q.   Do these presets work also on JPEG images?

Yes, both RAW and JPEGS.


Q.   I'm having problems with the installation or using a preset, what do I do?

Purchasing the Landscape Collection Preset Pack, you have granted access to 7/7 support. Send an e-mail to or DM me on Instagram (@roaminpix). I'll guide you through a solution step by step. 

Q.   I made the purchase months ago but I've lost the files, can I have them again?

Of course! It's a lifetime purchase. Send an e-mail to with the order details, you'll get a fresh download link.

Any question?

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