BEYOND ROME is a project that aims to drive tourism in off-the-beaten path locations around the capital, unveiling places that thrive with beauty and potential but which are still avulsed from the masses. Rome's surroundings are constantly shadowed by the magnetic lure that the capital exerts on travellers, but there are tons of perfectly preserved medieval towns, towering fortresses, waterfalls and lakes ready to be explored, away from the pulsing chaos of the city. Add to that mountain, forest and coastal hiking trails, capable of pleasing even the most seasoned adventurer, and the recipe for the perfect hinterland escape is ready to roll.

As a landscape photographer, avid traveller and proud citizen of the region where I'm from, I feel a pure sense of joy in having started this project together with my dear friends Giorgio and Martina from @rockntravels.

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Enrico Baroni - founder, photographer, videomaker, editor

Giorgio Pinci - co-founder, photographer, videomaker

Martina Compatangelo - co-founder, journalist, blogger, location scout

Episode n°1 - Santa Severa Castle