Dress for the environment

It may look like a topic that's not worth an article for itself, but when it really comes to buy expensive outdoor clothing gear it's better to have a bit of knowledge by your side, in order to spend money wisely.  

The objective, of course, is to dress properly to face any season, weather and environment, always keeping yourself dry and warm and being free of releasing excess heat when necessary.

As landscape photographers, we need to be even more careful and equipped. In fact in a single day you may have to deal with both strenuous uphill hikes and hours of idling in between, waiting for that amazing light to burst. Again, a sudden storm may come unexpectedly or temperatures may drop below what you expected. 

It's all a matter of carrying the essential set of gear to not be surprised by the elements, but at the same time avoid bringing half the  wardrobe with you. 


Mostly we will discuss how to do this  in winter times, mountain trails or rainy areas, but also in friendlier conditions (and even in summer)  there are rules of thumb to remember. 

The art of layering

No matter what specific part of your body you need to shield, layering is always the keyword. We can distinguish among 3 different types of layers that include everything on the market:

              1) Base / underwear layer

              2) Middle / insulating layer

              3) Outer / shell layer