About - Enrico Baroni

Photography, exploration and more.

Enrico is an outdoor\travel photographer and aspiring videomaker based in Rome, Italy.

His passion for nature and photography drove him away from his  engineering career right after the graduation, the epilogue of a path with no truthful dedication.

Despite the initial identity crisis, the choice began to feel right exponentially as he started to comply to the inner lust of exploration. This is what leads him  through remote mountain hikes, discover small gem towns or to book flights towards destinations deprived of mass tourism.

The final aim of his photography is to create an awareness of the beauty that surrounds us,  but too many barely dare to see.

What can I do for you?

I truly believe that there's no collaboration without a mutual strong connection. Said that, I'm pretty flexible and can accomplish a wide set of common photographic tasks, but my real niche concerns few fields:

   - Portraiture in the wilderness

   - Advertising photography for any good related to the adventurous lifestyle 

   - Valorization of underrated touristical areas that have huge  potential. It really bugs me that people travel to the same known location                           with no curiosity in scavenging a little. Any national park, tourism board, related corporations or hotels are welcome to reach me out for this             purpose.

If you feel we're on the same page, get in touch and let's start this collaboration. We'll figure out together how to get to a solution in the best way possible.

You can contact me through the form, on enricobaroniphoto@gmail.com or through a DM on instagram.


Camera          Nikon D600

Lenses           Nikkor 24-120 f/4 G ED VR AF-S                   


Tripod             Triopo MT-3238X8C with B-3 ball head  

Filters              Haida Slim PRO II MC ND1000 7                                                                                                                                                                                                Haida Slim PRO II MC CPL 77mm         

Action cam      GoPro Hero 5 Black



Shell                  Arc'teryx Beta SL hybrid Gore-Tex jacket

Boots                Quechua trek 500

Backpack            Tarion M-02 

Facing the Elements