A stunning rocky wall in the mountains of Gran Sasso National Park, Abruzzo, central Appennine
  • A little church set in the most beautiful framework. That evening I witnessed an astonishing change in the light and weather conditions: from hopeless rain and fog to a vibrant pink and orange sunset. This photo has been taken in between this transition. 

Liptovskà Mara, Slovakia.
  • One of the finest landscapes you can admire in Belgium: Tombeau du Gèant (Giant's gravestone). 

I arrived at 6am and this whole scenery was completely swallowed by a sea of fog. Beautiful but definitely no chance in bringing a shot home!
It took 2 hours of wait for the fog to clear, but hell it was worth it.
  • Elisa
  • Mica, Photographer and Content Creator from Portugal
  • Chiara, Photographer from Rome
  • A cabin and a placid lake surrounded by pine tree scent. What else?

Palcmanskà Pleso, Slovakia