Travel - Enrico Baroni

Woah, kinda empty page, didn't you say to be a traveler? Well, yes, but all my money vanished to buy all the photographic and hiking gear needed for this job.

Before having the "awakening" about photography I used to travel a lot, along with a crappy bridge camera. I've been in Iceland, U.S.A., Slovenia,  Baltic States, Sweden, Venezuela, Spain and a lot more,  but all the photos are very low quality, hence they'd make your eyes bleed. In Krakow I had the chance to borrow a nice Olympus mirrorless, while Portugal and Switzerland have been my first on-the-road journeys with all the equipment.

Not a worry so, now that I'm enoughly geared-up I've already started to wander around and create future routes: soon  this page will be pretty crowded.

To see which are the upcoming destinations and other projects just click here.