Projects - Enrico Baroni


Photographic book/travel guide - lake Bracciano

This lake is the place where I grew up and it's still my homebase for now. All my main memories have been built here, all the focal points of my life.

Sadly, tourism propaganda and organization doesn't seem to be a priority for the administrations, bypassing all the jewels that this lake and its towns hide. This fidgets me.

What I'm currently doing is writing a book to try to adjust things. It will have two sections: a photographic showcase, to bare the beauty of this land in one breath, and a travel guide, to provide directions to the wanderers.

In taking all the photos that will be featured in it I'm actually discovering stuff I've never seen in 25 years, right behind the corner. Isn't this odd?


Skye Island, Scotland - spring 2018

This will be my first journey with other fellow photographers and friends. We will be exploring the fascinating raw landscapes of the Skye Island in Scotland. We are so damn excited about it!

Slovakia - autumn 2018

When I say that I absolutely love to discover places not known by the mass tourism, I truly mean it. The purpose is making people conscoius of the potentiality of locations which usually aren't on anyone's bucket list. Slovakia, as an example, has a lot to offer and yet nobody talks about it. Well, I'd humbly like to fix this.

Madeira - 2019

In 2019 one big goal is to travel to  Madeira, a Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, ready to impress on the sensor every vibe of it. Madeira is only 741 km^2 , but it's a microcosm of things to explore: from the mountain hikes to unique UNESCO villages, local food (way different than ours) and Hawaian crystal clear waters, all of this in always spring-like temperatures.It's great to have the chance of compressing all of this into a single travel, hence the choice of this unusual destination.

Dolomites  - winter 2018

What's better than beautiful alpine lakes surrounded by astonishing rockies? If you want to find such enviroment in Italy mostly you have to head north, in the Dolomites. That's where I intend to go to breathe some fresh mountain air (and to shoot some photo of course). Mostly I'll make a road and hiking trip in Trentino - Alto Adige, but I'm not excluding nearby regions.

Iceland - 2019

I've already been in Iceland, but with a useless camera and for a (too) short time. Although it has been enough to make me deeply connect with this nordic land. Everytime I think of Iceland something just snaps inside my head, I sense such a strong bond with it. For all these reasons it can't be out of my travel list.